Writing – but does it make you happy (or Winter Tales)

Do you ever feel like you need a good whinge? It’s a Brit thing. The weather gets damp and horrible and we all feel the need for a good whinge followed by a cup of tea and a warm scone.  I was indulging in just such a whinge about how little money writers make, when the Whingee said (patiently) “Yes, but does it make you happy?”

This made me shut up and think (I can’t multi-task). Anthology Cover (white blurb)This week, not one, but two anthologies were released, each containing a story from me. One is Kisses and Cupcakes , which I’ve mentioned before. The other was Winter Tales: stories to warm your heart. This little book was organised by the Write Romantics who are a bunch of ladies wot write (and nothing at all to do with Aidan Turner – sadly) and is being used to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

I was brought up a Buddhist and the idea of charity is one of the things that settled deep into my psyche. So I was genuinely delighted to have the chance to use my talent (grin) for good.

I have had the privilege to see the work done by children’s hospices and I know how heart breaking it is when young people are ill. This anthology has given me a chance to do something that might help.

So yes, this week my writing has made me happy. Very much so.

Please do buy the anthology. It costs less than a posh coffee.

It’s only in ebook format at the moment, but it will be paperback at the end of the month. Why not buy a copy as a Christmas present? You can give someone a collection of light and heartwarming stories to read while they’re eating their cheering scone AND you’ll be supporting two very good causes at the same time. Alys West and her nephew(If you need further persuasion here’s a pic of Alys West and her adorable nephew – who has Cystic Fibrosis).



Right. Now I’m off to have a celebratory scone with cream and jam.

PS: My story in the anthology is called ‘Reserved’ and it’s set in a library.


4 thoughts on “Writing – but does it make you happy (or Winter Tales)

  1. Well that’s a novel way to consider the poor returns for writing, Rhoda. If it can make someone happy then it makes me happy too. I’ve got the book now I just need to bake the scones, then take time to enjoy a good read.
    I hope the anthology gets lots of sales.


  2. Buddha… hmm, I have a post on Buddha sharing the difference between the two of them. I won’t even comment on the weather…grey and windy outside my window in concrete jungle London lol and just started raining… wonderful.


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