The big finale of the Choc Lit Round Robin

My publisher Choc Lit Ltd is five years old today! Happy Birthday! To celebrate, they’re running a competition to win five Choc Lit novels and a round robin story written by five of us. It’s the first time I’ve been involved in a joint writing project like this and I really enjoyed it. I must admit it was a little stressful figuring out an ending which had to incorporate food poisoning, swallowed diamonds, two men whose names sounded like Mark and not one,  but TWO happy endings… all in under a 1000 words.

If you want to read all five installments,  you can find it here:


I think Choc Lit are an awesome publisher – I have done ever since they brought The Importance of Being Emma five years ago. I read most of their books as they come out and I’ve been a fan for ages, so that I was delighted when I was offered a contract to be published by them. So Happy Birthday Choc Lit! I hope there are many many happy returns!


2 thoughts on “The big finale of the Choc Lit Round Robin

  1. Choc-lit are not my publishers Rhoda but I do agree about the choice and quality of their books. I have not read them all by a long way or I’d get nothing else done but I have read several and always have a closer look when I hear of a new one.


    1. I tend to find out about the books (and special offers!) in good time, so I usually end up loading lots of Choc Lit books onto my Kindle. It helps that I was already a fan as I get to support my fellow Choc Lit authors, who are now friends.
      PS: I love the new covers for your latest books.


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