Doctor January- a book trailer in Lego

I’m having an exciting day. Not because it’s valentine’s day. We don’t really ‘do’ valentine’s day in our house. The first (and last) valentine’s day meal DH and I went to was a disaster, now recounted with much hilarity. It was so awful, we decided never to bother again. Every 13th of February, he does a little panicky check “we’re still not doing valentine’s day, right?” and that’s about it. Just as well, really, because I’d forget. I have a terrible memory for dates.

So, if it’s not that, what’s so exciting? The LEGO movie, that’s what! I love Lego. Sadly, my children don’t. I’ve tried my best to get them into it so that I have an excuse to buy more Lego, but no. They are stubbornly ambivalent. However, my six year old loves playing with the camera on my smart phone. So we combined the two interests and made a Lego trailer for my 2014 book Doctor January. In fact, we made two. Here they are:

My daughter’s favourite:

Dr Jan book trailer

My favourite:

Doctor January by Rhoda Baxter.

What do you think? Which do you prefer?

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