Book Reivew – A Game of Battleships by Toby Frost

A Game of Battleships is on tour with Fiction Addiction Book Tours. 


I’m a fan of Space Captain Smith and I’ve been looking forward to this book so much that I preordered the book from an actual book shop. But, I digress.

For those who don’t already know him, Isambard Smith is a bit like Flashman, only nicer. He’s all stiff upper lip and moral fibre, but he’s also sweet and brave in a daft sort of a way. His crew of…er… crew members are all VERY different. There’s Carveth the liberated sexbot, who pilots the ship, and Suruk the Slayer (I’m not sure what Suruk looks like. Probably like the alien from Predator) who likes killing things. There’s a hamster too, but he’s not that important. The love interest comes in the form of Rhianna, Isambard’s dope-addled girlfriend.

This book is the story of the Edenite secret weapon and Charles Dodgson’s mirror. There’s a massive summit of aliens held in a disused garbage disposal planetette ,  a peace treaty and a truly horrifying woman called Felicity. There’s a few lemming men, mad space pirates, even madder religious fanatics and a familiar (but deadly, mustn’t forget the deadly part) giant Ant.

The plot barrels along scattering puns and pastiche pieces in its wake. I’m sure I missed half the British comedy and film references in the book, but the jokes that I understood made me chuckle. I haven’t laughed so much in a long while.

A Game of Battleships is a decent addition to the series. I thought it was funnier than the Wrath of the Lemming Men, but not as good at the first two. I’m expecting Toby Frost to pull a blinder in the 5th book. No pressure Mr F…

A Game of Battleships is available to buy now from all bookshops and ebookshops. If you want to know more about Toby Frost, you can read his Inheritance Books on this site. Stalk Follow Toby and his book for the rest of this blog tour – you can find more information on Fiction Addiction Book Tours. You can win an exclusive Space Captain Smith fridge magnet – a must have for any modern steam punk kitchen –  by entering the Rafflecopter draw link below.

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More information about A Game of Battleships

Attention! Isambard Smith and his loyal and noble friend, the psychopathic alien headhunter Suruk, are back in a fourth laugh-out-loud installment.

In the 25th Century the future of the galaxy rests on a knife-edge. The actions of one man could save the British Space Empire, or leave Earth at the mercy of deadly legions of ant-people. That one man is Captain Isambard Smith, and Earth is in a lot of trouble. After blowing up a top-secret enemy base, Space Captain Smith and his crew deserve a rest. But their holiday ends when forces unknown destroy the robot convoy they were meant to be guarding. Smith finds himself in hot pursuit of a mysterious vessel that can pass through dimensions, incurring the wrath of the dreaded Grand Witchfinder of New Eden–which would be much easier to deal with if his pilot wasn’t cowering under the dashboard and his spaceship wasn’t infested with man-eating toads. Meanwhile, the Empire is gathering its allies to form a united front against alien tyranny. Unfortunately, the delicate negotiations have been entrusted to Major Wainscott, a man who knows no fear and very little about diplomacy or trousers. Once again, Captain Smith must summon all his courage to unite humanity behind the Empire. His quest will take him on a journey to face his greatest fears: from the depths of space, through Hell itself–and even to France.

About the Author

TophatBy day a mild-mannered representative of the UK legal system, by night a hard living, hard drinkin’, whoring and gambling stereotype of a driven artist, Toby Frost is everything a writer should be: thoughtful, articulate and incapable of retaining technical information for more than 5 seconds.

What’s more he is that rare thing, a writer who actually got round to writing something. Sadly, nobody wanted to publish it, so he wrote something else.

The “something else” then sat in a kitchen cupboard in Newcastle upon Tyne for three months before being plucked from obscurity by Myrmidon Books, a fine and upstanding publisher if ever there was one. Thus was Space Captain Smith born.


And you can read Toby Frost’s Inheritance Books on this very site!

5 thoughts on “Book Reivew – A Game of Battleships by Toby Frost

  1. I love these books and give them as presents from time to time. But Felicity is not horrifying really – in fact I think I knew her at school!


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