Inheritance Books – one year on; A great big thank you!

Photo by Valeria Everett
Photo by Valerie Everett reproduced under a Creative Commons License

I had originally intended to run the feature only for 1 year, but it’s been so successful and I’ve had so much fun meeting people, that I’ve decided to keep going with it until you or I get bored of it.

It seems traditional to do some sort of look back at this point. So here are my favourite Inheritance Books posts:

  • The funniest post was Jane Lovering’s post. I started giggling when she said she stopped growing up, but kept growing outwards (I’ve met her, this is not true) and laughed all the way through the post.
  • Ivan Cotter’s post had the best background story about how his illiterate grandfather had to take his daughter with him to the cinema because he couldn’t read the subtitles.
  • The best photo was in Karen Chase’s Christmassy post.
  • Another sparkly one was Deb and Cary (who jointly write as Morgan O’Neill). I love it when people’s voices and personalities come out in their posts. Having ‘met’ Deb and Cary, I went out and downloaded one of their books because I could spend time with that voice and not get bored.
  • The most unusual, and touching one was when Grace Burrowes talked about the book her father wrote about his experiences in WW2. This was clearly a special book, written by a special man (who popped by and left a comment on the post!). This post, more than any, made me happy that I’d started this feature. That’s what it’s all about.

A side-effect of the feature is the book recommendations. People often talk about the books they loved in their childhood and some of these triggered lovely memories for me too. I rediscovered some of my childhood favourites this way and expanded the collection of books that I read to my own children now. I read the Mary Stewart Merlin books (thanks Evonne Wareham for recommending them), The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey (thanks to Jean Bull), The Passage by Connie Willis (thanks to Henriette Gyland) and have added a whole load more to my TBR pile.
It’s been a great fun project and I hope it will continue to be so for a while longer. Thank you to everyone that’s contributed (and those who are going to contribute in the near future). And thank you to all of you who read and tweet and comment about the feature. I’m ever so grateful to you all.

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