Goodreads Book Review – A Stitch in Time by Amanda James

I picked up a Stitch in Time when it was on special offer on Kindle. I liked the idea that it was billed as ‘inspired by Dr Who’.

I enjoyed the book a lot. I thought it was more along the lines of Quantum Leap (Scott Bakula! Oh boy!) than Dr Who. The historical parts of the book were so wonderfully observed that the modern day stuff seemed pallid in comparison (although they were funnier). It was as though a set of brilliant historical novels had collided with a fairly good chick lit novel. The combination though, was a winner.

I found the Stitches and Needles mythology a little laboured in places, but it was believable and refreshing in how it worked. The main aspect of the story was how Sarah discovered her own strengths through her forays into the past. The part set in the American frontier was absolutely incredible both in plot and in the way Sarah’s character grew.

This is a good read. I would read it, and get your teenage daughters to read it, if only as an entertaining way to learn about the past.

I gave it four stars. (I should say that my next book will be published by Choc Lit. But I’ve read Choc Lit books for the last few years – way before I even submitted anything to them)

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