In Conversation with Rhoda Baxter

Here’s me visiting the Book Foxes.

Vulpes Libris

rb-book-cover-1500-x-2000px-31Rhoda Baxter writes intelligent, contemporary romantic comedy with unusual settings; her latest book, Having a Ball, features a determined young heroine set on arranging a charity ball on a shoestring.  Naturally, we asked charity ball habituée and RNA mole Ticky Dogge-Hare to invite her along for a little chat.  

So, darling, this romantic comedy lark: how on earth did you get into it?

Hello Ticky. Thanks for inviting me for this chat. Pardon? Oh, that’s very kind, but it’s a bit too early for white wine for me. I’m a bit of a lightweight, but please don’t let me stop you… A cup of tea would be lovely, thanks.

Where was I? Oh yes, the romantic comedy. I started off wanting to write serious romance. With Angst and Issues and stuff in it. I spent three years crafting my beautiful first novel and sent it off to be…

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