Inheritance Books – Kathy Kulig

This week I’m delighted to host Kathy Kulig. Hi Kathy, welcome to Inheritance Books. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

KathyKulignewHi Rhoda, Thanks for asking me to take part in your inherited book series. I’m a science geek by day and a writer of paranormal, contemporary and erotic romance by night. So far, I’m the author of ten novels/novellas with Ellora’s Cave, and have won or finaled in a number of awards including the PRISM, EPIC and Maggie Awards. For years, I was a bit of a gypsy, moving across country and living in several different places in the U.S. I’ve worked as a cytotechonologist, research scientist, medical technologist, divemaster and stringer for a newspaper. I love traveling, hiking, mountain biking, working out, and relaxing on the beach with a book. It’s no surprise that this passion for adventure fuels my writing. Now I live and write in Eastern Pennsylvania with my husband.

Yay! It’s nice to meet a fellow science geek. We should talk. Back to the matter in hand though – which book have you inherited from generations above? Why is it special?

LeavesGrassHsMy inherited book was passed down to me from my grandmother. Both my grandmother and mother are adventurers too. They’ve traveled all over the world. At 77, my mother is still an avid skier and hiker. My grandmother passed away at 96, but lived a full life. She had been living in her own apartment up until her passing, and on that night she was with my aunt making perogies at the church. The inherited book is titled: Leaves from a Grass House by Don Blanding. It’s a book of poetry. It was originally given to my grandmother as a gift from a high school friend. He left shortly after high school, got married and moved to Hawaii. The inscription is: “To Gin, with love and Aloha from your old pal. Buddy 6/2/40.” There’s a photo of Buddy with his family that came with the book. The book was published in Hawaii in 1923. I love the author’s dedication: “To one hour of one night between the setting of a tired moon and the rising of a joyous sun I dedicate my book.”

1940familyBesides beautifully visual and emotional poetry by someone obviously in love with Hawaii, the book is full of scenic drawings. What is truly special about this book is the cover. It’s made from woven grass! As a memory of my grandmother, it’s a treasure. I’ve included a copy of the book and a photo of the man’s family—my grandmother’s high school friend.

That’s lovely, especially as you get to see the person who gave it to your grandmother. What a precious (and delicate) heirloom. Speaking of heirlooms, which book would you pass on to generations below you? Why?

This book I will pass down, probably to one of my nieces since I don’t have children.

Thank you for sharing your Inheritance Books Kathy. Best of luck with the books.

damnedanddefiant_9781419940804_msrKathy’s latest book Damned and Defiant is available now. You can find out more about Kathy on her website (, her blog, Facebook  or by following her on Twitter (@kathykulig).

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