Sri Lankan party food #2 – Fish cutlets

Carrying on with the recipes of the Transatlantic Pot Luck party, here’s my recipe for fish cutlets. DH loves these. So my mum makes them for him whenever she can.

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Fish Cutlets

Thanks Arundatthi Sivagurunathan
Mine don’t look this posh…


Tinned Mackerel in tomato sauce (one tin)

one potato, boiled and mashed

onions (preferably red  onion) diced as small as you can

green chillies – to taste. Again, slice into rings as thin as you can make them

a pinch of curry powder

one egg, beaten


oil for deep frying.

Mash the mackerel, onion, chillies, curry powder, salt and pepper together. Roll the mixture into small balls [wait,  you washed your hands, right? What do you mean no? Who cooks without washing their hands? Sheesh. Go do it now. Yes, I’ll wait… done? Good]. You can do other shapes, but smallish balls cook better.

Roll the balls in the egg to coat. [Use a fork, it’s less messy], then roll the eggy ball in breadcrumbs. Once you’ve done them all, deep fry in batches until golden.

Serve with tomato ketchup or mayonnaise. [okay, you can brown sauce if you MUST. Shudder].


Here’s an extract from Having a Ball (they’re preparing ingredients for several different things).

The whole room smelled of cinnamon and coriander. It was making Stevie hungry. She had already been allocated the task of peeling several bags of onions that were going to be fed into the food processor. She decided to peel them all first and chop them later. She didn’t want to have sore eyes for any longer than she had to. She was sitting on one of the benches that lined the table with two piles of onions and a bucket for the peelings lined up in front of her. She snapped on the blue latex gloves that Priya insisted on everyone wearing.

Evelyn sat next to her, cheerfully peeling her way through several hundred cloves of garlic.

When Tom returned, he was given some root ginger and told to get chopping.

“As small as you can.” Priya smiled and handed him a knife.

Having a Ball will be released on the 15th of March. Come join the launch party!

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