Inheritance Books – Van Heerling

This week’s Inheritance Books are from author and  blogger Van Heerling

Hi Van, welcome to Inheritance Books. Tell me a bit about yourself.


I have lived in California all my life. Although I have been to a number of places, I always come home to California. I am married and have a new little  one-year-old boy. He has overcome a tremendous feat during his first year of life. He was born at just over one and a half pounds. I am very proud of him and am beyond relieved that he is doing so well.


Which book have you inherited from the generation above? Why is it special?

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is the book that comes to mind. It wasn’t given to me strictly speaking but I happened to come across it when my mother gave me the lot that was left of my father’s belongings. He’d passed away in 1995. Originally this was my grandfather’s book. I never met him, and I remember speaking to him on the phone only once when I was eight years old. Shortly after that call he passed as well.


I would like to think it is a first edition copy but I can’t tell. It reads that it was published by Ralston Publishing in Cleveland, USA. I’m not sure if my father ever read this book. I would like to think that he did, but my better judgment tells me he probably did not. My dad was not on good terms with his father. A shame really.

I’ve read it and enjoyed it very much. It has a hand written dedication to my grandfather from a friend. It reads, “To Helmut Heerling, with best wishes for success and happiness. November 4th, 1952.”

There are a number of very light pencil markings highlighted by my grandfather. I can imagine him nodding as he takes notes. I don’t know if this book specifically helped him become successful, but I do know that he did well for himself in the end.

What I like most about this book is that it belonged to both my father and grandfather. One day I will give it to my son.

How nice to be able to see the pencil marks made by your grandfather . It sounds like a real inspiration.

Which book would you like to leave to future generations? 

I would leave 1984 by George Orwell. It is one of my favorite stories and in my opinion it should be reading fodder for every high school student in the world. It is a reminder of how bad things can get unless we stay vigilant as a people.

Thank you for sharing your Inheritance Books with me, Van. It was lovely to meet you.

Malaikacover1Van’s book MALAIKA is available  on Amazon. You can find out more about  Van on his website ( or Facebook ( ( and follow him on Twitter (@vanheerling) and read his funky ‘Three Questions Interviews’ on his blog

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