Inheritance Books: Linda Palmer

Today’s Inheritance Books are from romance writer Linda Palmer.

Hello Linda. Welcome to my blog. Tell me a bit about yourself.

I’ve been writing for fun since the third grade and actually have a letter from my teacher to parents predicting that I would be a writer someday.  My early works were poems.  From there I moved up to short stories and then to full-length fiction. I’ve done the category romance thing (twenty-one books published by Silhouette Books as Linda Varner).  I’m now writing teen paranormal romance as well as some adult paranormal erotica (these under a pseudonym), so I’m pretty much open to any genre.  I. Love. To. Write!

Which book have you inherited from the generation above you?

My dad was a big reader and loved mysteries in particular. Since I was always looking for something to read, myself, I dug into his books way before I should’ve, which means I was reading Mickey Spillane when I should’ve been reading Nancy Drew.  The books I inherited from  him were the Donald Lam, Bertha Cool mysteries written by Erle Stanley Gardner writing as A. A. Fair. These mysteries are still exceptional even though dated (I don’t think any guy notices a woman’s shapely ankle these days!), and I will always love reading them.

Linda Palmer
Linda Palmer’s Inheritance Books

Which book will you leave to the generations below you and why?

I’d like to leave the Harry Potter books to future generations in hopes they will enjoy them as much as I have.  JK Rowling is a genius, period.  And Harry is every guy or gal’s hero because of his capacity for love, his courage, and his humanity. He gives us all hope.

Great choices Linda. I love the Harry Potter books and  I’m looking forward to reading them to my kids. I’m just waiting until the kids are old enough not to be scared witless by the Dementors,. I hadn’t heard of AA Fair before. I shall look out for them now! Thank  you so much for sharing your Inherited Books with me.

Linda’s book Stormswept is available on Amazon.

You can find out more about Linda on her website, on twitter@lvarnerpalmer and on Facebook: Linda Varner Palmer

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