Goodreads Book Review: Vampire State of Mind by Jane Lovering

I haven’t read a vampire book since I tried (and failed) to read Twilight books, but I liked the other Jane Lovering books I’ve read so I downloaded the sample chapters. I zipped through them and immediately downloaded the full book (I LOVE the instant gratification of Kindle!).

Vampire State of Mind deals with Vampires, Humans and humanity. It’s dark and, in places, very funny. The world created is detailed and believable; Buffy meets Thursday Next in the best possible way. The Dead Run (a race run by Otherworlders) is just fabulous.

Jessie is a council official who ends up fighting to save the world. She’s a great character. She’s a strong woman who actually gets on with the business of being strong and kicking butt rather than just talking about it all the time. She also has a healthy respect for confectionery. My kind of heroine.

Sil is a powerful vampire who runs the city of York. He is tall and sexy and deeply conflicted as all good heroes are! At a certain level, he’s also rather sweet (for someone who drinks blood…)

The plot is fast and interesting. I was so gripped, I nearly singed myself trying to read and cook dinner at the same time. All in all, a great book. Loved it.

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