Goodreads Book Review: All That Mullarkey

All That Mullarkey
All That Mullarkey by Sue Moorcroft
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed ‘Can you keep a secret’ so much that I thought I’d try another book by Sue Moorcroft. I seem to be reading my way through the Choc Lit books at the moment.
Cleo’s marriage is on the rocks and she has a one night stand. Unfortunately, she forgot to use protection. Is she pregnant? Can she preserve her marriage? Does she even want to?
Cleo is a nice character, bright, sparky and fairly bloody-minded. Her habit of burying her head in the sand gets annoying by the middle of the book, but once we move on to section two, that sorts itself out. Justin is a lovely bloke (okay, a little irresponsible at times, but still…).
There are two main male characters in this book, but it’s fairly obvious from early on who the hero is. The second half of the book deals with some serious issues like harassment, parenthood, the work life balance and the importance of reputation. The dialogue, especially between the men, was really well done.
The ending, although you know it’s coming, is really sweet and resonant.

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