Goodreads Book Review: The Man Who Ate Everything

This is my favourite foodie book. I bought it on the strength of a chapter headed ‘Salad the Silent Killer’. I read the whole thing from start to finish (and ate a lot whilst doing so). In the years that followed I’ve dipped into it often. It’s going tatty and dog eared with love. If I meet anyone who is really into food, I always recommend it to them.

The Man Who Ate Everything is a collection of articles by a man who loves food. What’s more, he has the sort of mind that makes him experiment with things to shake out how they work. The chapter about his efforts to recreate the taste of Evian were hilarious. His voice is light, entertaining and informative. And the enthusiasm for food shines through. Perfect.

This is an essential foodie book. Just don’t read it when you’re on a diet.

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