Book Review: Build a Man by Talli Roland

Goodreads review: Build a Man by Talli Roland


Rhoda Baxter‘s review

Jan 28, 12  ·  edit
4 of 5 stars
Read in January, 2012
Build a Man by Talli Roland

Serenity works as a receptionist at a cosmetic surgery clinic, whilst dreaming of becoming a tabloid journalist. When Jeremy stumbles through the door, wanting ‘everything done’, she finds the perfect pitch and the ‘Build a Man’ column is born. Unfortunately, being an undercover journalist means parking her integrity and lying to several people around her – her boyfriend, her parents and her ‘subject’ Jeremy. Inevitably, things go wrong and her secret comes out.

Serenity is likeable. She’s American, but apart from the odd comment about highways or homesickness for Maine, it’s not that evident (or relevant) that she’s a non-Brit. She’s bright and inventive (‘Wine Therapy’ – what a fantastic idea!). She wants to be tabloid journalist so badly that she’s willing to deceive several people who are important to her. She also puts up with the apalling Peter for far too long. It takes a few twists and turns of the plot for her to learn to’follow her bliss’.

Jeremy isa lovely hero. I have a thing for beta males, so I liked him from the minute he walked in. Talli uses Peter as great contrast to highlight the best things about Jeremy. Peter, by the way, is a fantastic character. I really hated the guy. That’s good writing.

Build a Man explores the ethics of cosmetic surgery industry and on the issue of confidentiality. It’s also a funny and well plotted romance. The bits with the ‘botox bitches’ in the clinic made me chuckle out loud (which got me a few funny looks when I was reading in the office at lunchtime). This is the first of Talli Roland’s book that I’ve read. I will definitely read the others.

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