Suspending disbelief

Last night we sat down to watch Sherlock on iPlayer. This is what happens when a chemist and a former biochemist watch something set in a top secret MOD laboratory:

Biochemist: Why is Russel Tovey scared of dogs? He’s a werewolf.
Chemist: He’s someone else in this one. Duh.

Chemist: A top level visitor and they send a corporal? Seriously?
Biochemist: Shh.

Biochemist: Does ‘Clean Room’ mean nothing to you?! Suit up, you moron. You’re ruining years of work…probably.

Chemist: Can they really make glow in the dark rabbits?
Biochemist: I’m pretty sure they’ve done it with mice.
Chemist: Oh. Okay.

Chemist: Why does he need a microscope to run chemical tests?
Biochemist: *shrugs*

Biochemist: Sulfuric acid and sugar. You’d get black stuff.
Chemist: *shrugs*
Biochemist: And why is he writing on the table? Messy. Tsch.

Ages after the program finished:

Chemist: Pressure triggered aerosols sounds like a lot of work for a totally non-controlled experiment.
Besides, where does he manufacture the stuff? And where does he get the equipment from?
Biochemist: I don’t know. The supersecret MOD facility maybe?
Chemist: So why doesn’t he just do the experiments there? They said the ethics are flexible.
Biochemist: Do you know what time it is? Shuddup and go to sleep.

Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoyed the episode and thought it was a great way to modernise a story that essentially revolves around a scary, glowing dog that runs around on the moor. It was nice and up to date and still retained the scary, glowing dog. I liked the landmine at the end too.
I’m a bit worried I may have a problem with suspension of disbelief.

2 thoughts on “Suspending disbelief

  1. Hilarious! It’s so much easier when you’re like me and don’t have a clue what goes on in laboratories. I just believe everything in the programme…well, not quite!


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