New Release announcement! Belonging is out now!

Book cover for Belonging small town romance

Belonging is finally out in the world! It’s on Kindle only at the moment and it’s on spesh for 99p/99c for a few days. It’s more women’s fiction than rom com, this book, although there are a couple of jokes in it (as always). I hope you enjoy it.


It’s only been out a few hours, but here’s what people are saying about it:Book cover for Belonging small town romance

As well as being a lovely romance with a HEA it is also a very good story about family, love and honesty.” Amazon review

There’s so much heart in this little story of second chances” Amazon review

(I) loved how although the two women had barely met before, they were able to take comfort from each others acquaintance.” Amazon review

There only a few reviews at the moment, so if you do read it, please, please post a review.


She’s grieving her lost love. He’s searching for his lost niece. Can attraction overcome family loyalty in this enemies to lovers romance?

Hiding away in a tiny Yorkshire village, Harriet is grieving for her lost lover. His family won’t talk to her and she can’t move on from his death. All this changes when his daughter, Niamh, turns up on her doorstep, needing a sympathetic ear.

Tim thinks Harriet broke up his sister’s marriage all those years ago. His sister’s enemies are his enemies. When his niece runs away to Harriet’s house, he knows he has to get her back before his sister finds out. But that means talking with Harriet.

As they work together to console Niamh and get her home safely, Tim and Harriet become increasingly attracted to each other.

But with attraction comes guilt.

Can they overcome their respective loyalties and give in to love?

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Goodreads Book Review: Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe by Milly Johnson

The Woman Who Gave Up ChocolateThe Woman Who Gave Up Chocolate by Milly Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I picked this book up after hearing Milly Johnson give a hilariously funny speech. I figured if she was that funny in real life, her books were worth a shot.

The story follows three (possibly four, if you count Ivanka) women – Della, Connie and Cheryl, all of whom are connected to the Diamond Shine cleaning company. It’s set in Barnsley and the Yorkshire accents took me right back to my teenage years in W Yorks.

An awful lot happens in the story, you’ll have to read and find out what. What stood out for me was the warmth of the writing. There was one scene where the ladies are all gathered in the Sunflower Cafe, where you could really feel the connection between them. It made me feel included and loved, as though I were one of them. It’s a rare book that achieves that!

The only reason I didn’t give it a full five stars was that there was a bit of changing heads mid scene, which annoys me (I’m a bear of very little brain and get confused). If you don’t mind that, I know most people don’t, then you’ll be fine. Go. Enjoy.

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