Book review: Not Your Knight In Shining Armour by Kate Johnson

Not Your Knight in Shining Armour (Royal Weddings #3)Not Your Knight in Shining Armour by Kate Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my word, I loved this book.
Scarlet is a plus sized heroine (she’d say ‘fat’). She’s been a rock and roll brat and done that. Now she’s relauching a career as her new, sober, self.
Tom is a mess. He’s suffering from PTSD, tends to drink too much and is often depressed. He has tried just about every treatment money could buy (and he’s a Prince, so he has the money to buy just about everything!) but it’s not helping.
He meets Scarlet by chance and is kind to her. He falls in love with her voice first and then the rest of her. He doesn’t care that she’s fat. He loves her love of food. She loves that he’s kind. They end up having a clandestine relationship where they are mindful of each other’s problems. Being with Scarlet makes Tom WANT to give up alcohol… which helps with everything else.
There were some genuinely funny moments (at least one was a period joke). I liked that Tom wasn’t miraculously ‘cured’ and that Scarlet didn’t feel the need to get thinner – even though the media kept going on about her weight.
I’ve read the whole series of ‘Not Your’ Royal weddings books. I think this one and Not Your Cinderella are my favourites.
Usual disclaimer- I know the author. I bought a copy of this book on preorder because I expected it would be good… which it is!


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Book Review: Not Your Prince Charming by Kate Johnson

Not Your Prince Charming: a Royal Wedding Romance (Royal Weddings Book 2)Not Your Prince Charming: a Royal Wedding Romance by Kate Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received an advance copy of this to review (mainly because I begged the author for it). I enjoyed Not Your Cinderella so much that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this, the next book.

Eliza is a ‘lesser’ royal. She’s a princess, but relatively far from the throne. She’s tired of being watched all the time and decides to go off and have fun at a party without her security. Unfortunately, she gets grabbed by some kidnappers.
Xavier is a undercover cop. He rescues the English girl, not knowing that she’s a royal. They wash up on a desert island together and have to survive until rescue comes. But it’s not easy to know whether a boat is friendly or just more trouble.

I loved that it was Eliza who knew what to do in order to survive on the island. Xavier doesn’t know who she is until they’re safely back at home, but of course, then it’s hard for him to get to her. The way everyone kept called Xavi the ‘indefeasibly good looking cop’ made me laugh.

Jamie and Clodagh from Not Your Cinderella have largeish cameo roles. Jamie is completely amazing.

I liked that the heroine and hero both had their weaknesses, which they healed in each other.
This is a really fun read.

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A Royal Wedding – release day!

It’s release day for A Royal Wedding, written by my alter ego Jeevani Charika. It’s available on all ebook platforms now.

A Royal Wedding UK cover

Here are five things I’ve tried to explore in the book:

Feminist princesses – is this possible? Given that we’ve had some many powerful Queens, we know that the royal family tends towards powerful women, so why not have powerful women who want to work make life better for other women? My heroine, Kumari is campaigning for a project that educates women in basic health and hygiene. The hero, Prince Benedict was raised by three strong women (his mother and two sisters). They are both feminists in their own ways.

The press fascination with race and with royalty. The tabloid press coverage of Meghan Markle was borderline racist (sometimes not even borderline – just outright racist). Each chapter in the book starts with a newspaper clipping. There’s a lot about race in there…

Family – Kumari’s greatest conflict and her strongest support comes from her family. Benedict’s family has always got his back. The people we love bind us and support us in equal measure.

The North/South divide and the class divide – this is a very British thing. Kumari is a middle class woman from Leeds. Benedict is an aristocrat from the South. At one point someone suggests that Kumari takes elocution lessons to soften her Yorkshire accent. You can imagine what she says to that!

The importance of inspiring role models – one of my favourite scenes is the one where Kumari realises that she’s become a figure that inspires little girls across the country. It was one of the first scenes I knew was going to be in the book. You’ll know it when you see it. A blue sari makes an appearance.

If you fancy all of that, wrapped in a happy ever after, go check out A Royal Wedding. It’s the first time I’ve written about race/ ethnicity in a romance (and, not-coincidentally, written under my real name). If you like the book, let me know!





Book Review: Marrying the Rebel Prince by Janet Gover

Marrying the Rebel PrinceMarrying the Rebel Prince: Your invitation to the most uplifting romantic royal wedding of 2018! by Janet Gover

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I like Janet Gover’s books and I’m quite excited about the upcoming royal wedding, so I read Marrying the Rebel Prince as soon as it hit my Kindle.

Lauren is an outspoken artist who has been commissioned to paint HRH Prince Nicholas’s portrait.
Prince Nicholas is the ‘spare heir’ and has some issues of his own. They don’t exactly hit it off when they first meet.

Lauren likes to get to know her sitters before she can paint them, so that she can capture their personalities in the portrait, but with Nick, she just can’t work him out. Obviously, she does work him out eventually.

This is a fun royal romance. It’s got princes, castles, media intrusion and the loveliest sub plot about the tug of war between love and duty.

The usual disclaimer – I know the author as we’re both members of the romantic novelists association and used to write for the same publisher. I buy her books because I like reading them.

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And if you’re looking for more royal wedding romances, may I suggest A Royal Wedding (out 10th of May)…

Book Review: Not Your Cinderella by Kate Johnson

Not Your Cinderella: a Royal Wedding RomanceNot Your Cinderella: a Royal Wedding Romance by Kate Johnson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. Prince Jamie is starting PhD at Cambridge. He’s awfully proper when he’s in public, but he’s a computer science geek in private. My kind of hero.
Clodagh is a mixed race barmaid, who is trying to get her A-levels and go to university to study history. She’s bright, but she’s only one or two shifts away from homelessness.

The pace gallops along and there’s so much to unpack about class and society and racism in there.
I loved the characters, loved the story, loved the humour. Brilliant stuff.

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