Book review: The Bromance Book CLub by Lyssa Kay Adams

The Bromance Book Club (Bromance Book Club, #1)The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read this book and wished I’d thought of the premise.
Gavin breaks up with his wife and is devastated. He finds help in the form of a secret book club that his team mates belong to. They read romance novels in order to understand how to talk to women and how to be better partners to their wives and girlfriends. The first rule of book club is that you don’t talk about book club.
Thea is Gavin’s estranged wife and mother of his two kids. She gave up her career as an artist when she had the twins with Gavin. Now that things were being shaken up, she was trying to get back some of what she wanted and has re-enrolled to finish her degree.
I loved the premise of this book, as I’ve said. I also loved how blokey the blokes are. Some of their interactions were very funny.
This book is well written and a delightful read. Highly recommended.

I’m off to download the rest of the series now.

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Intermediate Thermodynamics by Susannah Nix

Intermediate Thermodynamics (Chemistry Lessons, #2)Intermediate Thermodynamics by Susannah Nix
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read the first book in this series and loved it, so it’ll be no surprise to you that I love this one too.
Ester is splendidly prickly. She decides to interfere in her friend Jinny’s life by trying to set her up with her (Ester’s) annoying neighbour Jonathan. In return, she must help him fix his film scripts.

The gradual change from being irritated by everything Jonathan says and does to falling hopelessly in love with him is lovely to watch. I loved the details of Ester’s job (well, I would, I love a STEM competent heroine). It’s nice to read about heroines who have proper work/life struggles. Her friendships with Jinny and Yemi were lovely too. I also loved that Ester sees knitting as basically maths with yarn.

Jonathan was irritating at the start, but grew on me, in much the same way as he grew on Ester.

There’s another book in this series. I will definitely be reading that one too.

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#ReleaseMe blog splash -Please Release Me comes out today!

Book cover for Please Release Me - a bride at sunrise

Book cover for Please Release Me - a bride at sunrise
Please Release Me by Rhoda Baxter (Choc Lit)

Please Release Me is out today! Some of my fabulous writing friends are helping me celebrate.

Since all three main characters in Please Release Me are stuck in some way – Sally in a coma, Peter in limbo while he waits for his wife to wake up and Grace stuck in the rut of being a carer – I asked them to blog on the theme of being stuck. Their responses to the prompt are all so very different. Check the out and see for yourself.

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, follow the #ReleaseMe tag to join in the fun! Tell us what you’re stuck on!

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