Book review: Bollywood Wives by Alex Khan

Bollywood WivesBollywood Wives by Alex Khan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I absolutely galloped through this book. I didn't read the 80s era bonkbusters but I imagine they were like this. Even though I knew nothing about the glamorous world of Bollywood stardom, I got totally sucked into the lives of Zara Das and the Bollywood wives and the various conflicts between the women who all inhabit this rarefied circle.
The action is fairly relentless (lots of beautiful people bonking each other, the occasional attempted murder, the one actual murder) and so much happens. I stayed up late into the night reading. I really liked the way all the different strands came together in the end for a genuinely uplifting ending.
This is great fun reading. It's like the text version of having a good gossip.
Given how much fun this book was to read, I might have to go and find a copy of Hollywood Wives and read that now.

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Book review: The Fear by C L Taylor (Thriller)

The FearThe Fear by C.L. Taylor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another brilliant thriller from C L Taylor!
Mike is a paedophile. He groomed Lou from an early age while he was her karate instructor and then he abducted her and took her France when she was 14. The experience has had a profound effect on her and she’s still coming to terms with it as an adult.
When she returns to her home town after fifteen years, she finds that Mike is out of jail and living in the same town. She sees him kiss a teenaged girl and realises that if she doesn’t stop him, he will do to this girl what he did to Lou.
This is an absolutely gripping story, told through three points of view. I read in the space of 24 hours because I had to know how it ended.

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Goodreads Book Review: A Man with One of Those Faces by Caimh McDonnell

A Man With One of Those FacesA Man With One of Those Faces by Caimh McDonnell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I chose this book based on the title and the cover, both of which are great. The blurb is about how Paul has one of those nondescript faces which means that people tend to mistake him for someone else quite a lot. It starts off with him offering a service where he visits elderly patients in hospitals and hospices and pretends to be a nephew or a grandson – the patient is happy because they’ve had someone visit and Paul gets to do the charity work that is the prerequisite for him getting his allowance.

This is a crime novel with a twist of comedy running through it. I thought that was quite a refreshing thing to see. The humour is quite dark. The crime side is good too. There’s a decent mystery and a good twist at the end.

Paul’s nondescript-ness doesn’t really play much part in the story after chapter one. Paul is meant to be really intelligent, but you only know that because people tell you so. He doesn’t seem any cleverer than your average chap. Nurse Brigit is much more on the ball. I liked her a lot.
I liked Bunny too. He was interesting and realistic. I probably wouldn’t want to meet him in real life.

There were a lot of secondary character gangsters and crooked cops, whom I tended to lose track of after a while (I read fast and am easily confused, so this might just be me).

All in all, a good fun read, especially if you like combination of crime and dark humour.

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