Snowed In (Trewton Royd #1)

Snowed In – Book #1 in the Trewton Royd small town romance seriesSnowed In cover

“A gentle, cosy romance.” Milly Johnson, Sunday Times bestselling author

Tracey is a tech entrepreneur, or at least she was, until she sold her company. Now she’s not sure what she is. Uncomfortable with people and burned out from overwork, she retreats to the rural village of Trewton Royd to find peace and quiet over Christmas.

Dumped by the woman he was going to propose to, Vinnie is stuck alone in a romantic cottage for two. When Tracey gets caught out in a blizzard, the only place she can take shelter is Vinnie’s cottage. She’d love to get to know him better, but how does a socially awkward tech girl persuade a man who is still in pain that she’s anything more than a nuisance?

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