Girl Having a Ball

Girl Having A Ball was been shortlisted for Best Romantic Comedy in the 2017 RoNA awards!

Girl Having A Ball is the sequel to Girl On The Run. It was previously published as Having A Ball (Uncial Press, 2012), but has been substantially edited to make it a bit more up to date (and get rid of some of the emails).

Book cover for Girl Having A Ball by Rhoda Baxter

Sometimes being an event planner can be a load of balls

Twenty two year old Stevie needs to prove to everyone that she’s a grown up. So she throws herself into her dream of becoming an event planner by agreeing to organise a fundraising ball in Oxford. Add a rambling house, a committee that can’t agree and budget that’s far too small, Stevie thinks things can’t get worse. Until her childhood crush, her big brother’s old housemate, turns up.

Tom is working hard to be the success his mother wants him to be. When he realises that the ball his mum and her friends are organising will be run by his friend’s baby sister ‘poor, needy Stevie’, he steps in to avoid disaster. But Stevie is no longer a teenager, she’s a disturbingly attractive young woman … and she’s not about to let anyone get in her way.

Shortlisted for the 2017 Romantic Comedy Award from the Romantic Novelists’ Association, Girl Having a Ball is the second standalone novel in Rhoda Baxter’s Smart Girls series. Ideal for fans of Mhairi McFarlane and Sue Moorcroft.

You can buy Girl Having A Ball from all the usual places AND you can ask your library (or your local bookshop) to order in an ebook or print copy.

Reviews for Girl Having a Ball

Reading a Rhoda Baxter romance is the book equivalent of fleecy pajamas, a tub of ice cream and a chick flick on the box. I feel like part of her character’s lives… Buy it. Read it. Have feelz” 5 star Amazon review 

“you will laugh, cry and feel at one with the ladies and Tom as they make the charity ball one to remember.” 5 stars, Old Victorian Quill – read the full review

A lovely gentle read but with more depth than I was expecting.” 5 stars. Jenny O’Brien – read the full review

There are smiles and giggles to be had” 5 stars Rachel’s Random Reads read the full review

Stevie and Tom did some major growing up during their story.  The resulting romance was perhaps all the more sweet and precious because of their discoveries along the way.” 4 stars, Keeper Bookshelf – read the full review

Rhoda Baxter writes about smart and competent women, which is something I admire about her work.

Reviews for Having a Ball:

“…a fun page turner that will pull you in from beginning to end.” 5/5 – read the full review.

“An engaging heroine and absorbing plot” Romantic Fiction Online – read the full review

“quick, witty and certainly packs a punch” The Romaniacs – read the full review

“perfectly created sexual tension between Stevie and Tom, which sizzles without it ever being smutty” Best Chick – read the full review