Girl In Trouble

Girl In Trouble is the third book in the Smart Girls series. It follows Olivia (who first appeared in Girl Having A Ball). The characters from the previous books in the series make cameo appearances in this book.

Girl In Trouble by Rhoda Baxter

Grown up tomboy Olivia doesn’t need a man to complete her. Judging by her absent father, men aren’t that reliable anyway. She’s got a successful career, good friends and can evict spiders from the bath herself, so she doesn’t need to settle down, thanks.
Walter’s ex is moving his daughter to America and Walter feels like he’s losing his family. When his friend-with-benefits, Olivia, discovers she’s pregnant by her douchebag ex, Walter sees the perfect chance to be part of a family with a woman he loves. But how can Walter persuade the most independent woman he’s ever met to accept his help, let alone his heart?
Girl In Trouble is the third book in the award nominated Smart Girls series by Rhoda Baxter. If you like character driven romance, alpha heroines and sparkling dialogue, you’ll love this series. Ideal for fans of Sarah Morgan, Lindsey Kelk or Meg Cabot’s Boy books. Buy now and meet your new favourite heroine today.

Some reviews for Girl In Trouble:

Rhoda Baxter’s characters are the real deal. She writes heroes and heroines who jump from the pages to carry me along to their happy endings.” – Sue Moorcroft (Bestselling author)

I absolutely loved every second.” Rachel’s Random Reads
This is a fast-paced well-written novel which runs the gamut of emotions from chuckles to tears to pain.Sandra Danby
“while Baxter’s romance will make you chuckle, it will also make you think about just what a parent, especially a father, owes a child”Romance Novels for feminists
“I loved Olivia, in a small way, I could see myself in her” Boonies123
The pages fly by” – Goodreads review
Bought this yesterday and practically inhaled it because I really really had to know how it ended before I went to sleep!” Amazon review
Funny. Sad. Just perfect.”  Amazon review
This story is a true treasure. It is realistic and deep, but clean.” Amazon review
“This book with make you laugh out loud at times but will also frustrate you and make you cry. Everything you need for a great romance. “  Amazon review