Triphoppers are the hottest band in town. They are talented, sexy and totally unstoppable.

Ashby – singer, songwriter and all round sex god!
Pete – drummer, songwriter and the Thinking Woman’s eye candy!
Lee – lead guitarist and bad boy!
Josh – guitarist, backing vocals and the buffest body in the band!

The TripHoppers story
Triphoppers came to fame when they auditioned for ChartThrob where they sailed through to the quarter finals. Unusually for the show, the boys were allowed to perform their own material, rather than the normal cover versions. In the words of Beryl Blenheim “These boys are pure magic. How can you resist such an amazing combination of talent and gorgeousness?”
Although the boys were voted out before the semi final, they were snapped up by Fat Penguin records. Their first single ‘it’s Grim up North’ was number 2 in the UK charts for 4 weeks. Their next single ‘care’ made it all the way to number one!

The latest Interview with Amber Jackson from Cause Celeb.

Amber: How did you meet?
Ashby: we met in a pub, like you do. Pete and I were mates were in the same halls of residence. It was, like, day one and I walked into the kitchen and there was this guy standing there. I said “D’you fancy a drink?” and he said “okay.” And that was that.
Pete: we found out we were both interested in songwriting and performing, so we stuck a note on the notice board to look for some other band members and found these two guys.
Lee: I was working as a bartender at the time.
Josh: And I was in the year above Ash and Pete at uni.

Amber: Who writes the best songs? Ashby or Pete.
Josh: er…
Lee: You can’t ask us that.
Pete: We write very different sorts of songs. I’d say we both have strengths and weaknesses.
Ashby: Weaknesses? Speak for yourself mate.

Amber: What was it like being on TV?
Ashby: It was great. People suddenly knew you, you know what I mean? It was an amazing buzz.
Pete: Chart Throb is a fantastic showcase for home grown talent. And the mentoring from Beryl… that’s stuff that money can’t buy. It was an incredible experience.
Josh: yeah.

Amber: What advice do you have for aspiring musicians and songwriters?
Pete: If you’ve got talent and work hard, you’ll make it.
Ashby: Dream the dream!
Lee: Never give up.
Josh: what?
{all laugh}

Amber: Ashby – there was all that scandal about you and Jane Porter. Do you have a comment?
Ashby: Well… I was young and stupid. That’s all in the past now, though and I’m a new, much improved man.

Amber: Some have pointed out that you’re called Triphoppers, but your music is not quite trip hop. Do you have any comment on that?
Pete: We play, what we play. It’s changed over the years. We’ve got better. We’ve become unique.
Ashby: Besides, post-trip-hop-poppers doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

Amber: So, what’s next for you guys? America? The world?
Ashby: The world. Obviously.
Lee: Or America would be a good start.
Pete: Both would be great. We’d be happy with either, really.

Amber:Tell me about Swagger!
Ashby: It’s a natural successor to ‘It’s Grim Up North’. It’s all about the night life in a northern town. The lows, the highs. the sheer poetry of bodies in motion.
Pete: The alcohol. The kebabs.
Ashby: Same thing.
Pete: Fair doos.

Amber: And the most important question of all – are you seeing anyone at the moment?
Lee: Yes. Sorry girls.
Pete: No.
Josh: Nope
Ashby: No.

Amber: So there you have it girls, three out of four to choose from – can’t be bad. And now, performing their latest single from their awesome new album, Swagger!, I give you TRIPHOPPERS!

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