Book review: The Library at Wagtail Ridge by Janet Gover

Lou was happy living in Sydney with the adopted parents. She rarely gave a thought to the birth mother who gave her up. Until her mother, Luca, dies and leaves Lou an unusual inheritance. A small cottage in the rural village of Wagtail Ridge and a mobile library.
Luca also left her friends, particularly handsome and kind Jake, instructions. A set of letters which force Lou to take the library out to the rural towns and villages. As Lou learns more about the library and the people it serves, she also learns about who she is.
Jake is lovely. Kind to a fault and torn between keeping his promise to his dying friend and doing the right thing by Lou, who is his new friend.
There’s also a dog in it and no one dies. Both of which are Good Things as far as I’m concerned.
As always, the background characters are tremendous fun. Because the story centres around a library there’s a lot of discussion about books – most of which are Australian classics, so were unfamiliar to me, but I don’t mind that. Discovering new books is always good.
I might have cried a little at the end.
I hope there are more Wagtail Ridge books.

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