Book review: The Buy-In by Emma St Clair

Book Cover for The Buy-In by Emma St Clair

I had never read anything by Emma St Clair before. I grabbed this book on Netgalley because I saw that it was a sweet or low heat romcom and it sounded like fun. I’m so glad I did.
The Buy In is sweet in every sense of the word. It has a whole lot of heart. The story centres around Lindy who has abandonment issues, and Pat who is a ex pro football player with a tendency to be impulsive (he has ADHD, which is discussed in the context of being part of who he is). It’s a second chance romance between him and Lindy and at the core of the story is a little girl called Jo (Lindy’s niece). Lindy has looked after Jo for years and she is trying to keep custody of her. The story is as much about family as about romance.
It’s a fake relationship story, and a second chance story, both of which are tropes I really like. Plus it’s a small town romance. So there is a wonderful cast of secondary characters for you to get to know and love. I think a lot of them are going to have their stories told in the rest of the series. Overall, I really really enjoyed this. I love the corny jokes. I liked the over the top comics set pieces – including the flaming squirrels – and I really really loved the family and small town love aspect of it. I’m definitely going to read more by this author


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