Review: A Question of Us by Mary Jayne Baker

A Question of Us

A Question of Us by Mary Jayne Baker

Clarrie and Simon have been best friends since primary school. Clarrie doesn’t particularly want to grow up. Simon … well, Simon keeps asking Clarrie out. She keeps saying no. It’s a long running joke between them. Isn’t it?

This book revolves around a pub quiz league and a group of quiz enthusiasts who are almost, but not quite, grown up. I loved the banter between the friends. I spent my mid teens in West Yorkshire and this is exactly the way my friends would talk to each other! It made me laugh out loud.
The ‘found family’ dynamic between the friends was wonderful.

Clarrie is one of the lads, which was great, but sometimes you did want to shake her. That said, she’s a completely believable character because someone who is prone to anxiety would be scared at the idea of ruining things by moving out of the status quo. Simon was lucky enough to have figured out what (and whom) he wanted early on. I like a hero who isn’t too uptight to cry when things go horribly wrong.

I really enjoyed this book. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC.

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