Book review: The Love Solution by Ashley Croft

The Love SolutionThe Love Solution by Ashley  Croft

A book set (partly) in a biochem lab – I’m up for that.

Molly and Sarah are sisters. Molly is a scientist, working on a thing that can help two people fall in love (possibly). Sarah is a jewellery maker who makes tiaras, who has just found out she’s pregnant.

There are two romances in the story. Molly and her grumpy boss Ewan … and Sarah with her love triangle. Molly is a little prickly, but I liked her scenes. Ewan running hot and cold on her was frustrating, but understandable because of what had happened to him before.

Sarah’s story was a bit more difficult, not least because she tries to persuade Molly to take a huge risk with her career and basically do something unethical (this aspect is discussed quite a lot, which was good). Her plot arc with Liam was lovely. In fact, Liam was adorable.

This is a story about sisters, a bit of romance, quite a lot of riding about on a tandem. All in all a nice, light summer read. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC

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