A Royal Wedding – why have two covers?

Just a week to go before A Royal Wedding is released… and here are the covers:

both cover side by side

Aren’t they beautiful!

Someone on my newsletter list asked why I have two covers. (Why yes, the newsletter subscribers get to hear stuff first; you should sign up!) The reason is that different markets tend to have different styles that do well. In the UK, where ‘chick lit’ is a popular subgenre of contemporary romance, cartoon/ graphics covers do well. So the cover on the left is the UK cover. In the US, where this book would be contemporary romance, rather than chick lit, photographic covers do well. I think both covers are gorgeous and completely in keeping with other covers in the lists.

As an interesting aside, the US definition of romance is much tighter than the UK one. Here in the UK my books fall squarely into the contemporary romance bracket, with some of them falling into ‘romantic comedy’ as well, because of the jokes.

In the US I’m told, my books are not really contemporary romance – because the story isn’t focussed completely on the romance, there’s other stuff going on as well (in A Royal Wedding, there’s a lot of discussion about race and identity of people whose parents were immigrants, but they themselves are not actually migrants). Technically, in the US, my books would be ‘Novels with Strong Romantic Elements’… which is a RITA category, but not a category on Amazon.

If you’re interested, you can pre-order A Royal Wedding now!

For Kobo try this link: https://www.kobo.com/gb/en/ebook/a-royal-wedding-4



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