Want to write romance? Come to our workshop!

In all the excitement of Girl Having A Ball coming out, I’ve been a bit slack letting you know about the exciting pair of workshops that Jane Lovering and I are doing for Beverley Literature Festival (part of Lit/Up) this year. When I say ‘this year’, I meant NEXT WEEKEND!

Here’s the key information:

When: Saturday 8th Oct 10am – 1pm  and 2pm -5pm
Where: Beverley Library (Treasure House)
How much: £18 each or £30 for both workshops
How to book: Via the Beverley Literature festival website (or at the
library or tourist info centre) http://www.litup.org.uk/workshops-beverley/

But what are we going to be talking about?

Ah, well now… the idea of the first workshop is to demystify the writing side of things. We’ll talk to you about romantic conflict and characters and a little bit about comedy (which is very much connected to conflict and character, if you think about it). The second workshop is about plot. We’ll cover similar content in both sessions, but will concentrate of different aspects. If you come to both workshops, you should create a hero, a heroine and a central conflict in the first workshop and learn more about how to work that core into a proper book in the second.

That’s the plan anyway. In reality we always end up adapting the workshops a bit to suit the needs of the participants, so if you have something you really, really want to know more about, just tell us at the start.

See you there!




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