Inheritance Books: Wendy May Andrews

This week’s Inheritance Books are from Canadian Author Wendy May Andrews. Hi Wendy, welcome to Inheritance Books. Please, take a seat. Would you like some red velvet cake?
So, tell us a bit about yourself.

IMG_20150112_122101My name is Wendy May Andrews. I live in Toronto, Canada. I love books. I started out as an avid reader and have added writer to the equation too. My eyes love words. I love to read. I’ll even read the cereal box and I LOVE information plaques on the side of the road, particularly if they explain the history of the area. This particularly puzzled my husband when we were newly married. I was forever asking him to pull over while we were on road trips so that I could read the information signs. It took us longer than he expected to get anywhere. My husband doesn’t fully understand my obsession with reading so one day he said I should write a book instead of reading them all the time. So I did. My second novel, The Duke Conspiracy, is releasing this month. Next to reading, my favorite thing to do is travel. And travel connected with books in some way is the very best, whether it is research for my own writing or visiting the location of a favorite story. But I always have a book in my backpack whenever we go anywhere.

Which book have you inherited from a generation above? Why is it special?

20150306_205621_50 resizeWhen I was young, I think I was about 10, and just starting to read full length books, my mum gave me a book she had from her youth, Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. It’s about a young orphan girl, Anne Shirley, who is mistakenly sent to the Cuthberts who were wanting to adopt a boy to help them work on their farm. Anne convinces them to keep her despite being a girl. I have now read it at least a dozen times and have the entire series. I think this touched my heart particularly because Anne was about my age at the beginning of the first book when I first read it. It is just such a well written book. I laugh and cry every single time I read it. Also, I am from the East Coast of Canada so Prince Edward Island where Anne grew up is familiar to me. My parents took me to see the house that inspired Montgomery to make Anne love Green Gables so much. We also explored other locations in PEI associated with the book. My mum wasn’t much of a reader herself but she always encouraged me in my love of books. I cherish this book because she gave it to me.20150306_205553_50 resize

Which book would you leave to generations below? Why?

20150306_205650My second favorite author when I was growing up was Louisa May Alcott. I think all her books as well as all those of Lucy Maud Montgomery should be preserved for future generations. They refer to a simpler time that just doesn’t exist anymore. But people haven’t changed all that much despite the advancement of technology so the themes in those books will benefit young people throughout time.

I love both those sets of books. I think Gilbert Blythe had a great influence on my view of heroes. I liked Little Women too, but really adored Jo’s Boys.

Thanks for sharing you Inheritance Books with us Wendy! All the best for the new book.

TheDukeConspiracy453x680Wendy’s new book The Duke Conspiracy is available to buy now. You can find out more about Wendy on her website. You can catch up with her on Twitter (@wendymayandrews) or Facebook.

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