Inheritance Books: Bodicia from a Woman’s Wisdom

I’m delighted to welcome a book blogger to Inheritance Books. This blog series is all about the books we love and who better to qualified to talk about them than book bloggers! So, take it away Bodicia of A Woman’s Wisdom.

Hi Bodicia (good name by the way, very traditional), welcome to Inheritance Books. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Me2I have a book blog called A Woman’s Wisdom where I post reviews of books I have really liked, author interviews and guest blogs. There are also articles and a humour series, Tales From The Manor, written by me as well as a few other surprises lurking in the menu. I am a mother to five wonderful girls and a grandmother to a mischievous three year old girl who has me wrapped around her finger. I have many interests including geosciences, ancient civilisations and planetary science. I live in England where it is currently too cold for my taste. Oh and I am also partial to anything containing chocolate. I am on a mission to get it accepted as a main food group. I’m joking, of course. Well, a bit.

 Chocolate is definitely a main food group. Dietician’s just haven’t discovered the importance of it on the nation’s mental health. It’ll happen. It’ll happen.


Which book have you inherited from a generation above? Why is it special? 

Houghton_Lowell_1238.5_(A)_-_Wuthering_Heights,_1847Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is a book I first read as a small child, around 8 years old. I found the dusty volume in my grandmother’s book collection. Its yellowing pages, marked with age and use, showed it to be an often read book. It has remained such an important one to me. I was captivated by the descriptions of the moors and of Heathcliff and his love for Cathy. I named my eldest daughter Cathy and recently bought a hardback copy for her which she treasures.

I have read this so many times and it has never lost its magic for me.


Which book would you like to leave to future generations? Why?  

Without need of a second thought it would be Pride and Prejudice by Jane 640px-PrideAndPrejudiceTitlePageAusten.There is something wonderful about Miss Elizabeth Bennett, with her fine eyes and equally fine manners. The dashing Mr Darcy who reached a woman’s heart long before Colin Firth came along and stepped out of a lake. The characters are exquisitely described and I still smile at the repartee between Mr and Mrs Bennett every time I read it. Timeless.

I first found it on a bookshelf in a relative’s house when I was a teenager. I curled up with it one dark night and, ever since, I have had it as my comfort read. I would pass this on to every young woman with the hope they will never accept second best when it comes to love.

 Thank you for sharing your Inheritance Books with us, Bodicia. All the best for 2015. 

You can check out more book related wonders on Bodicia’s blog – A Woman’s Wisdom or chat with her on Twitter (@bodiciasapple)


Are you a book blogger? Would you like to do a guest post on Inheritance Books? Please get in touch with me (@rhodabaxter or comment on here) and I’ll send you guidelines.

19 thoughts on “Inheritance Books: Bodicia from a Woman’s Wisdom

  1. Chocolate contains endorphins ( is that the word ?) it makes you feel happy. So maybe it is more druglike? No, should not say that word. But, it does make me feel good, and I hould not really have it. Only for Christmas, then not much at all ( diabetic). I like both books mentioned, but my real favourites are the Dragon stories by Anne McCaffrey, especially the first five.


    1. Endorphins – that is the word. You get them from exercise too, but chocolate is a MUCH nicer way to get them!
      I’m partial to the Anna McCaffrey books too. Evelyn, if you fancy doing your own Inheritance Books, drop me an email on and I’ll send you the guidelines.


    2. Evelyn, unsweetened chocolate must surely have those endorphins (or whatever), mustn’t it? I’ve seen recipes for things like sauces, chili, and other Mexican dishes on the internet, featuring chocolate without sweeteners. That might be a solution!


  2. Thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Ali a little better…I too, love the book choices, and have fond memories of reading Jane Eyre when I was a child. I have been trying to track down a copy of it but I fear it is no longer available. What made this edition so special for me, was the illustrations, something we don’t do anymore, it seems.


    1. I was about to say I didn’t think I’d seen an illustrated copy of Jane Eyre, but then I realised that I can picture the illustrations, so I must have seen them somewhere. I might have seen them at the Bronte parsonage museum…


      1. My mother bought beautifully illustrated copies of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights when our town library discarded them. I own (but cannot find!) both of these books; if I locate them I’ll post a comment on your blog, Rhoda, giving the edition, etc. Meanwhile, I found an image but can’t connect it with any actual information. These are LOVELY books!;_ylt=AwrTceAUXJBUoh4AM2IPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTBsOXB2YTRjBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkAw–?p=jane+eyre+and+Wuthering+Heights+illustrated&…+of+Jane+Eyre+and+Wuthering+Heights+such+beautiful+illustrations&sigr=11c8pguop&sigi=12dptljqu&sign=1145vbb8d&sigt=103vg5ole&sigb=13nhlil0v&fr=yhs-mozilla-001&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001


  3. Isn’t it wonderful the effect a brilliant book can have? I can’t imagine my life without them and these two are timeless just like chocolate. I really enjoyed reading your favourites and what they mean to you! You really must have great devotion to WH to name your daughter Cathy, which incidentally is also my name!


  4. Another fine installment of your Inheritance Books, Rhoda! Bodicia’s two books are right up there at the top of my favorites list too — along with Jane Eyre and Emma. And I absolutely agree that chocolate will soon get the recognition it deserves.


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