Good to meet you…author Rhoda Baxter

Today I’m over at Helena Fairfax’s blog, talking about, amoung other things, which fictional character I’d like to marry…

Helena Fairfax

On this frosty November day it’s lovely to welcome my guest, author Rhoda Baxter. It’s bonfire night (Guy Fawkes night) in the UK tonight, so I’ve got in some parkin* and, since it’s so cold (well – let’s be honest – since there’s actually any type of weather!), there’s also a great big steaming pot of tea.

Hope you’ve wrapped up warm, Rhoda!

helena fairfax, rhoda baxter, doctor januaryHi Helena,

Thanks for having me on the blog. I wasn’t sure what the protocol was, so I’ve brought biscuits. Would you like one?

Every protocol should involve biscuits! That’s my sort of protocol, and I’m going to print it out in triplicate. Let’s have a cup of tea to go with it 🙂

Where do you live, Rhoda? I live in East Yorkshire, not far from Hull. It’s a really lovely area to live in. The cake shops are excellent! (But shhh. Keep that quiet because……

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