Inheritance Books: Kirsty Ferry

This week I’m delighted to chat to my fellow Choc Lit author Kirsty Ferry about her Inheritance Books. 

Hi Kirsty, welcome to Inheritance Books. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

KirstyFerryBlack&White1I’m married and have a thirteen year old son. I live in the north east of England and my day job is in a local University. My first Choc Lit book, Some Veil Did Fall, is due out the 7th of October, but I have also self-published four other books on Amazon and had several articles and short stories featured in magazines such as Weekly News and People’s Friend. I won the Belsay/English Heritage National Writing competition in 2009 and have just achieved a First Class Honours degree in Literature with the Open University, so I’m still on a high from that.

 Congratulations on your first! Well done. 

Which book have you inherited from generations above? Why is it special?

My favourite book from previous generations is Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. I have always loved the book and could probably still quote reams of it at will – mainly Cathy’s speeches and Heathcliff’s declarations of undying love for her. I studied it for my degree and that has added so many extra layers to it that it has renewed my admiration for Emily Bronte. If people are still reading my work in two hundred years time, I’ll be a happy bunny! Wuthering Heights and the whole idea of the Gothic is what has fuelled my imagination since I was a teenager, which is probably the reason why I write the sort of things I do nowadays. The photo here is the copy my best friend bought me when I passed my degree.

 I studied Wuthering Heights for A-Level. I didn’t really understand it until I moved to Yorkshire and saw the moors. Suddenly, it all made sense.

kirsty's books

Which book would you leave to future generations? Why?

If I had to recommend a book to future generations, I would recommend Mary Stewart’s Thornyhold. Again, in my mind, it is a classic of the genre – a paranormal mystery romance and pure escapism. It’s about a girl who inherits her Cousin’s cottage. Cousin Geillis might have been a witch – nobody knows for certain – but Gilly finds spell books and secrets and soon has a whole menagerie of animals that keep finding their way to her house. At the centre of the story is a lovely romance and it’s one of those feel-good novels, where you close the book and can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve read it dozens of times and will most likely read it dozens of times in the future. And if you like that one, I suggest you try Stewart’s Touch Not the Cat! As you can see, my copy of Thornyhold contains two other Mary Stewart books as well. She is definitely one of my favourite authors.

That sounds brilliant. I’m off to Amazon to check it out now.

Thank you so much for sharing your Inheritance Books with us Kirsty. Good luck with Some Veil Did Fall and the sequels.


Some Veil Did Fall Choc LitKirsty’s new novel Some Veil Did Fall is published by Choc Lit and available now. You can find out more about Kirsty at, or you can ‘like’ her page on Facebook (Kirsty Ferry Author) or follow her on Twitter (@kirsticupcake)

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  1. I love Wuthering Heights too… what a haunting story! (NO pun intended.) Studied it in a class on the Gothic novel, which opened my eyes to a lot I hadn’t considered in an earlier reading. Kirsty, now I must read Thornyhold – have read Mary Stewart’s Merlin books over & over but never any of her Gothics.

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