Inheritance Books – Natalie Kleinman

This week’s Inheritance Books are from the contemporary romance novelist Natalie Kleinman. Hi Natalie, can I get you a cuppa?

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Natalie KleinmanI abandoned an Open University science degree course at the end of the second year because, though I loved it and found it fascinating and exciting, it was impinging too much on my home life. Looking for something to take its place, I started writing about twelve years ago, beginning with a one-term council-run course. I thought it would be fun. It turned out to be addictive. Fortunately my husband – we had taken early retirement – had voluntary pursuits of his own to pursue. Somehow it didn’t seem to matter quite so much how long I was spending at my then hobby. He is also a fabulous cook and frequently presents me with something delicious when I have been so engrossed I have forgotten the need to eat!

For a few years I concentrated on short stories and have sold over twenty to magazines in the UK and abroad. Four years ago though I started writing a book. It’s been ‘resting’ for some time. However, I was extremely lucky to graduate from the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers’ Scheme at the first attempt with the book, Voyage of Desire (Safkhet Soul) published on 27th May 2014. Not that I have had much time since to draw breath. A second book, a pocket novel, will be available on 17th July this year; Secret Love (DC Thomson). My next project is a rewrite of my first book – the one that’s been sitting in the metaphorical bottom drawer – and I’m attacking it with enthusiasm, having changed the point of view from first to third person…thereby giving me much more scope.

 The RNA New Writer’s Scheme is amazing isn’t. I was in the scheme for three years and I learned all kinds of things in that time!

Which book have you inherited from a generation above? Why is it special?

These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer. It was given to me as a teenager by my mother and instilled in me a lifelong love affair with romantic fiction. This author’s wonderful books have been passed around the whole family, giving joy to us all and, I know, thousands of others.


Which book would you like to leave to future generations? Why?

JpegFrederica, also by Georgette Heyer, or indeed any number of her books. Her ability to draw you into her story and ‘root’ for her heroine is unsurpassed. What is so clever is that you’re not even aware of her skill, so lost do you become in the tale. I have read her books over and over. I would hope to pass some of that pleasure on to others.

It’s been great fun revisiting Georgette Heyer. Just holding one of her books in my hands triggers a time warp. Thank you for having me.

Thank you for coming. Best of luck with your book. I hope it’s the first of many.

9781908208330_covNatalie’s book Voyage of Desire is published by Safket publishing. You can find out more about Natalie and her books on her blog, or chat to her on Facebook or Twitter.


3 thoughts on “Inheritance Books – Natalie Kleinman

  1. Hi Natalie, so many of us started with the Georgette Heyer books. I love them, too, and discover I’ve passed the enthusiasm onto a young second cousin. Frederica isn’t a name you hear every day, but I attended a funeral this week and the deceased’s daughter was called Fredericka. Anne Stenhouse


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