Inheritance Books – Caroline Storer

This week’s Inheritance Books are from the historical novelist Caroline Storer who hails from Anglesey. 

Hello Caroline, welcome to Inheritance Books. Grab a seat, get comfy. Please, tell us a bit about yourself.

CarolineHi, Rhoda, thank you so much for having me.  My name is Caroline Storer and I am an historical romance writer with HarperImpulse.  I live on the beautiful (if slightly windy) island of Anglesey, just off the North Wales coast.  By day I’m an Environmental Health Officer (EHO), and I’m married to my own AlphaHero, Colin.  I’m “half and half” when it comes to nationality, as my mum is Welsh and my dad is English.  My dad was stationed in RAF Valley, in the early ‘60’s, which was where he met my mum.  They married, and I was born down in Chichester, Sussex in 1963.  My brother was born a year later in Germany, and from there we travelled all over the world, living in places such as Qatar, the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia.  When I was 11 we returned to Anglesey.  After I finished my A levels I went “south” to university, and then lived and worked in, and around, London.  I met Colin whilst living in London.  In 2002 we re-located back up to Anglesey as I got a job up here working for the local council as an EHO, and Colin (a detective) had at the time, recently retired from the Metropolitan Police on medical grounds.  My mum and dad, along with my brother, also live on Anglesey.

Gosh, an EHO and a detective… that’s a crime thriller just waiting to happen! Hmm…

But I digress, back to business. Which book have you inherited from generations above? Why is it special?

20140306_123215As you can see from the picture, it isn’t one book, but a collection of encyclopaedias.  My mum and dad bought them for me when I was still a baby.  They were bought from a door to door salesman when they were stationed in RAF Wildenrath in Germany back in 1964, and they have travelled the world with us as a family.  They are still at my mum and dad’s house, but I’m reliably informed that they will be mine one day!  As a child, reading material was a bit sparse in some of the places we lived in, and I can remember reading (and looking at the pictures) in these books almost on a daily basis.  My mum and dad still use them to this day for crossword solving, and general fact finding.


What a lovely thing to inherit! And which book would you leave to generations below? Why? 

I don’t have children (unfortunately), but I do have a step grandson (Corey) who is a voracious reader I’m pleased to say.  I would like to think that he would like the encyclopaedia’s that I will inherit one day.  But I’m also a realist – Corey is very much a child of the 21st Century, and is already relying on computers for information gathering.  And as you can see from the photo I’ve posted, so am I.  Yes, I do have a bookshelf with lots of interesting books on it (I particularly like anything to do with Jack the Ripper (macab20140306_171711re I know…)), but I’ve also planted
my Kindle on the bookshelf.  I’ve probably got more books on my Kindle than I have on my bookshelves.  And as space is a bit of a premium in my house, I just don’t have room for loads of books.  But saying that, there is a Bible on the shelf.  Whether Corey is religious or not, the Bible does have some great stories in it.

Thanks again for having me, Rhoda.  Caroline x

Caroline, thank you so much for sharing you Inheritance Books with us. I’m sure Corey will appreciate it when he’s older. All the best with your book.

Master Roman jpegCaroline’s book The Roman  is out now. You can find out more about Caroline on her blog or say hello to her on Facebook or on Twitter.


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