Inheritance Books – Tina Susedik

This week’s Inheritance Books are from Tina Susedik, who is one of those busy ladies that seems to fit two people’s worth of output into one life!

Hi Tina, welcome to Inheritance books. Please, tell us a bit about yourself.

021Thank you Rhoda for having me here. I live in Northern Wisconsin with my husband of 41 years. We own a tax and accounting business, which gives me little time to write during January through April, but I persist. I am published in non-fiction and fiction. My non-fiction books are local history and military books. I find researching and learning about people fascinating. My first romantic mystery, Riding for Love, was published in May, 2013. I also have a Christmas story published in an anthology with my publisher, Soul Mate Publishing, with two more due with them in the coming year. I will also have two children’s books released later this year. I guess you can say my writing is all over the place, but I love all the genres.



There’s nothing wrong with being all over the place. Most of us read a wide range of fiction, so why not write it?  Which book have you inherited from generations above? Why is it special?

Bobbsey TwinsI had a hard time deciding which book to talk about from the generation above. I remember my mother reading to us older children and that she loved to read. But as her family grew, (seven children)  her reading time was limited. She did make sure we got to the library. The first book that came to mind was The Bobbsey Twins. I even have a 1924 copy of my mother’s book, The Bobbsey Twins and Baby May.  As you can see, my copy, published in 1950, was well read and held together by masking tape.

Books are meant to be loved. Books with pristine spines always seem rather sad to me.


Which books would you leave for future generations? Why?

I think the book I would want to pass on to the next generation is the Lord of the Rings series.tolkien I read the books so many times, I wore them out. My husband finally bought me a new set, so my copy looks way too new. I am currently reading through the Harry Potter books with my ten-year-old granddaughter. We take turns reading pages. She even takes the book with her while I’m driving her to piano lessons and reads to me as I drive.  Once we’re done with the series, I think we’ll start with The Hobbit.

An excellent choice. Thank you for sharing your Inheritance Books with us, Tina. All the best with your new books.


Riding for Love CoverTina’s book Riding for Love is available to buy now. You can find out more about Tina from her website, Facebook or Goodreads

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