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This week’s Inheritance Books are from my fellow Uncial Press writer Jim Cangany. Jim is one of those rare beasties – a man who writes romance. So, without further ago, here’s Jim:

Hi Jim, welcome to Inheritance Books. Please tell us a bit about yourself. ???????????????????????????????

I hail from Indianapolis, Indiana USA, home of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, the Indianapolis 500. I have seven older siblings, which was awful when I was little, but is wonderful now since I’m the only one who hasn’t reached 50. Believe me, I remind them of that from time to time. My wife Nancy and I have been married almost 23 years now and we have two sons, seventeen year old Seamus and twelve year old Aidan. I write contemporary romance and have a day job working in the legal field to pay the bills. While I love my co-workers, someday I hope to become successful enough as a writer to say goodbye to the day job.


Seven older siblings! That must be a tale in itself. Which book have you inherited from generations above? Why is it special?

A BeginningComing from a big family, we didn’t have many books of our own, but made constant trips to the library. When I graduated from college my mom gave me a first edition of a collection of poems by Robert Horan called A Beginning. She wrote me a note saying she hoped my graduation would be a new beginning. While I’m typically not a devotee of poetry, I treasure that book.


Which book would you leave for future generations? Why?Tolkein Books

I have collectors’ editions of both The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings that I look forward to passing on to my sons. The Lord of the Rings is without question my favorite book of all time. It carries so many themes, like friendship, loyalty, and determination, that are every bit as relevant today as when he wrote those stories.


Thank you for sharing your Inheritance Books with us, Jim. All the best for Lucky Star.

luckysta_epubYou can find out more about Jim on his website, Facebook or on Twitter (@jimcangany). Jim’s latest book Lucky Star, published by Uncial Press, is available now.


7 thoughts on “Inheritance Books – Jim Cangany

  1. I am glad Jim treasures the poetry book and his mother’s inscription. Some things are more precious than gold. Anyway you can’t be a good romantic novelists if you’re not a bit sentimental! Good luck.


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